Oeufs fécondés à couver

Poultry market

Général Afitex works in an ultra specialised sector, the trade of hatching eggs and one day chicks. Different types of laying hen, coloured hens, broilers, turkeys and guinea fowl. We sell mainly to Africa and the Middle-East.

Optimised surveillance of the supply chain

From our base in Brazil, we organise our supply chain by plane to ensure that you receive your hatching eggs and one day chicks in the best possible conditions of transport and preservation.

The use of high quality strains is essential

Primary breeders work to maintain pure strains and to create crossbreeds. They are in charge of the development of the first three generations of the bird, generally the grand-parents and parents of the eggs in incubation and the one day chicks that they supply to the flock grower. The role of the grower breeder is to multiply the parent flocks (fourth generation) that produce the eggs for commercial breeders. The commercial breeders put the fifth generation animals on the market.

In 1989, there were 10 key producers of laying hen type fowl, 11 primary breeders of broilers and 3 primary breeders of guinea fowl. During the past 20 years, there have been many mergers and acquisitions as an increasing number of establishments, driven by the need to be more competitive, have acquired larger and more concentrated operations with shared technical resources and expenses to cater to the worldwide market. Most of these operations belong to or are associated with multinationals.