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Turkeys and Guinea fowl

HISEX white

Orlopp Bronze Turkey,
the traditional Turkey

Orlopp Bronze Turkey

The Orlopp Bronze is a large breasted turkey of exceptional quality. It boasts excellent body conformation, superior meat quality, a natural layer of fat and a magnificent bronze coloured plumage. This turkey has a competitive feed conversion rate and the best health levels in the industry. The Orlopp Bronze is a top choice product for the demands of niche markets.

Weeks Weight male g Weight female g
05 1940 1700
10 6520 5230
15  12320  8840
20  17810 10550


HISEX white

Mini CLASSIC Turkey,
small turkey with big advantages

Mini CLASSIC Turkey

Small and robust, the MiniCLASSIC turkey has been selected carefully to provide all the strength of a larger turkey. Its small size allows for optimised farming flexibility, with no sacrifice to meat yield or quality.

This turkey adapts particularly well to specialised operations or free range farming and is the perfect addition to any type of farm. The smaller size of this MiniCLASSIC turkey makes it ideal for the consumers wishing to cook it. Its unequalled taste and attractive presentation on the table make it perfect for family occasions.

Weeks Weight male g Weight female g
05 1460 1260
10 5500 4360
15  9940  7020
18  11740 7530


HISEX white

Artisan Gold Turkey,
slow growing turkeys originating from France

Artisan Gold Turkey

The Artisan Gold turkey is a rare line, small in size and slow growing. These birds live outdoors or in alternative environments in which they can develop natural behaviour patterns, while enjoying excellent health. These turkeys are both robust and tasty, a unique combination in the turkey industry. The Artisan Gold turkeys are preferred by both producers and consumers looking for a perfect appearance and a unique taste.

Originating from France, in the Landes region in Aquitaine, the Artisan Gold turkey is a reflection of the region’s passion for uncompromised taste quality.

Weeks Weight male g Weight female g
05 1070 930
10 4010 3060
15  7210 4870
20 9050 5280


HISEX white

BUT Premium Turkey,
a Medium strain, ideal for the turkey chick

BUT Premium Turkey

The BUT Premium turkey is the first choice product for companies looking for an easily manageable strain with the best performance/production cost ratio. Due to its live weight, its manageability, its consumption rate, high meat yield and superior viability, it provides the best economic profitability on the market.
Weeks Weight male g Weight female g
05 1800 1500
10 7110 5350
15 13510 9690
18 17380 11960