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Général Afitex, specialist in the trading of farming products, participates in the development of farming in Western Africa.

Our motivation comes from a desire to contribute to the development of high quality farming, by providing products selected in niche activities, such as new types of vegetable seeds, hatching eggs and inputs for animal feed. These exports make General Afitex an essential link in the development of farming and poultry farming in this region of Africa.

Contributing to the development of populations by providing high quality agriculture is our main driving force. Our customers’ appreciation encourages us to continue to supply the best varieties along with our expertise to enable both traditional and industrial farming to operate and to develop in the best possible conditions.

Our aim is noble as the requirement for food is vital. We know that our job of creating value is essential in the realm of agriculture, to enable all of the stakeholders to progress by connecting large and small scale farmers to the worldwide market.

Our aim is to grow our business while respecting and preserving each part of our ecosystem.