Porte conteneurs

Général Afitex is a trading company specialising in the export of agricultural raw materials.

Widely developed internationally, the majority of the company’s activity is carried out between South America and Africa.

The dynamic economic development of Africa is the driving force behind our activity and the demand for high quality farming products corresponds to the population’s need for growth.

Général Afitex is currently the leading trader in the supply of poultry farming products to Western Africa.

Through the strong and lasting partnerships established with important export countries such as Brazil, we manage to acquire the best quality products for our customers. 

The greater part of our activity is based on specific poultry farming products such as chicken, turkey and guinea fowl hatching eggs, but also animal feed with corn and soybean meal, and finally human nutrition through sugar and vegetable seeds.

Exportations par avion

Exporting by plane

Ensuring the security and viability of the products transported requires a high level of expertise in the choice of transport methods best adapted to each product. For example, in the case of hatching eggs, the product’s vulnerability requires the optimised management of air transport.

Exportations par conteneurs

Exporting in containers

Exporting poultry farming products in containers allows for increased availability of products by transporting them rapidly to a large number of sea ports equipped to unload containers. This simplicity and flexibility enables us to shorten the distance between production and delivery zones while optimising transport costs.